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  • About IPS: IPS Testing Experts serves as a paper, pulp, nonwovens, health care and allied industry test lab offering physical testing to TAPPI, ISO, ASTM and WSP standards.
    • Why Choose IPS?: IPS' Appleton, Wisconsin physical testing and analytical laboratory offers several methods for the paper, pulp, nonwovens, health care and allied industries that follow TAPPI, ASTM, and ISO standards.
    • Personnel: The IPS Testing Experts of Appleton, Wisconsin, support accurate testing results and data for the paper, pulp, nonwovens, health care & allied industries for U.S. and worldwide clients by following TAPPI, ISO & ASTM standards.
    • IPS Facilities: IPS's Appleton, Wisconsin-based facility encompasses six individual testing laboratories that follow TAPPI, ASTM & ISO standards and offer services to the paper, pulp, nonwovens, health care & allied industry clients worldwide.
    • History: IPS, the Wisconsin-based physical testing laboratory, used paper testing as a base to expand its physical and analytical test methods to the pulp & paper, health care, personal care, consumer products, nonwovens & allied industries.
    • Quality Systems: To ensure accurate physical testing data for the nonwovens and health care industries, IPS' Appleton, Wisconsin laboratory maintains a quality system guide to meet cMGP, TAPPI, ISO and ASTM methods and standards.
    • What's New at IPS: Announcements about IPS including: pulp & paper, nonwovens, health care and allied industry-related news
    • Downloads: View IPS downloads for testing materials relating to the paper & pulp, nonwovens, health care and allied industry including: brochures, fact and material sheets & case studies.
    • Clients: IPS' Appleton, Wisconsin, physical testing laboratory serves more than 250 clients ranging from government agencies to patent lawyers, performing analytical testing services or consumer product testing in the paper & pulp, nonwoven, health care & allied industries.
    • Jobs at IPS: IPS offers job opportunities at its Appleton, Wisconsin, physical testing laboratory that serves the Midwest, to the U.S. and North America, and even to clients worldwide.
    • Site Map: A Site Map for the www.ipstesting.com website.
  • Services: An overview of the testing services offered by Integrated Paper Services.
    • Analytical Services: Analytical Chemistry services are offered by IPS' Appleton, Wisconsin, physical testing laboratory & provide testing data for U.S. and international clients in the paper, pulp, nonwovens, healthcare and allied industries.
    • Fiber Science: IPS' Appleton, Wisconsin-based Fiber Science team provides microscopic paper fiber and other fiber analysis services to worldwide clients to identify and verify raw material or finished product fibers. IPS' fiber analysis solves problems in manufacturing, troubleshooting and forensics.
    • Method Development: An overview of the physical, analytical and image analysis test method development services.
    • Microbiology: Microbiological Services available through IPS.
    • Nonwovens Testing: An overview of Nonwovens Testing Services at IPS
    • Paper Fiber Analysis Course: IPS offers a paper fiber analysis course at its Appleton, Wisconsin, physical testing laboratory to individuals looking to develop an understanding of qualitative and quantitative analysis and identification techniques for paper fibers.
      • About the Instructor: This page details the fiber course's instructor, Walter Rantanen, and his credentials for teaching the course.
    • Paper Forensics: IPS can provide age dating of paper, photograph paper and documents as well as provide expert witness services.
    • Paper Testing: Paper and paperboard industry testing lab services provided by the IPS Test Experts, an Independent Test Laboratory.
    • Primary Testing Facility
    • Pulp Testing: An overview of the Pulp Testing Lab services offered by the IPS Testing Experts - an Independent Pulp Test Laboratory. A list of TAPPI, ISO and other test methods is proviced
    • Reverse Engineering: A summary of IPS Reverse Engineering Capabilities. Utilze product decomposition services to aid competitive intelligence efforts.
    • Scanning Electron Microscopy
  • Submit Samples: Directions for submitting samples to IPS' Appleton, Wisconsin, test laboratory to insure clear communication of your testing requirements for the paper, pulp, nonwovens, health care and allied industries.
  • Contact Us: Have a question for the IPS Testing Experts? One of our lab patrons will answer questions you may have about our U.S. physical testing lab located in Appleton, Wisconsin.
  • Request Quote: Request a quote from IPS, of Appleton, Wisconsin, for a test involving the paper, pulp, nonwoven, health care and allied industries.
  • Request Price List: An easy to use request form for requesting a current price list from IPS.
  • FAQ: Commonly asked questions and answers
  • News Room: Download IPS' media kit, news releases, e-newsletters, photos & video. Find IPS media contacts and news from the paper, pulp, nonwovens, health care & allied industries.
    • Media Kit: A collection of press releases, feature stories, brochures, fact sheets and background information for journalists covering Wisconsin's IPS Testing Experts.
    • Media Contacts: IPS designates individuals, listed below, specifically for the media to contact.
    • News Releases: Integrated Paper Services frequently updates its constituents about company announcements and news for the pulp, paper, nonwovens, health care & allied industries.
    • Video and Image Gallery: Journalists and clients can view IPS' interactive media including video and photo streams.
    • E-Newsletter Archive: View IPS Testing Experts E-newsletter, Insight, for clients and constituents in the pulp, paper, nonwoven, health care and allied-related industries.
    • Online Presentations: IPS Testing of Appleton, Wisconsin offers free online presentations about physical and analytical test methods.
Serving clients in Wisconsin and the Midwest to the United States and internationally, Integrated Paper Services, Inc. (IPS) is an independent physical and analytical testing laboratory specializing in personal care product, medical supplies, nonwovens, fiber analysis and the pulp, paper and allied industries.

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