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Frequently Asked Questions

Which standards organization methods do you perform?

Answer: IPS does testing of various methods as established by the following standards organizations: TAPPI, ASTM, AATC, ISO, INDA, EDANA, WSP, NFPA and others. If you don't see reference to a specific method on our website, contact customerservice@integratedpaperservice.com to see if we support it.

What is your typical lab turnaround time and can you accommodate a rush job?

Answer: Our typical lab turnaround time is 10-12 business days. Depending on the workload in the lab at the time, most jobs are done in less time. If you need your results in 3 days or less, we can process your job as a rush. You will be charged 150% of the normal rate for this service.

What is the best way to send samples for testing?

Answer: This depends upon a number of variables. Please click here to see our page of shipping suggestions.

Do you provide tests or services not listed on the website?

Answer: Our staff has expertise in pulp and paper testing, fiber analysis, analytical testing, image analysis, and microscopy. If you don’t see exactly what you need, give us a call, we may be able to serve your needs ourselves, or guide you in the right direction through our established networks.

What is the difference between Fiber Analysis, Fiber Identification, and Species Percent?

Answer: A Fiber Identification is strictly an observation and listing of the furnishes and species observed. A Fiber Analysis gives the percentages of the different furnishes and ranks the species observed as principal, some, or trace. A Fiber Analysis including species percentage gives the percentages of the different furnishes and of the species within the furnish, provided there are sufficient number of fibers or vessels in a furnish to count. Note: Species in this context refers to the common names used in the paper industry such as Maple or Hard Pine.

Click Here to visit our Download page where you can find example Fiber Analysis, Fiber ID, and Species Percent Reports.

How do I determine the quantity of sample that needs to be sent for analysis/testing?

Answer: We have guidance for many of the tests we perform under the test method description on this web site. If you still have questions, we welcome you to call (920)749-3040. We'll be happy to give you specifics on sizes and/or amounts of material required for tests and analyses in our various departments. If you're not sure exactly which tests provide the solution you seek, our professionals can help you decide. Please click here to forward questions about our services or the sample size and condition. Please advise us on your preferred method of contact, as well.

What are your data/report formats?

Answer: We send reports and data to customers in a variety of formats.  Reports can be sent in hard copy or as an e-mail attachment. Many of our customers receive their data in an Excel spreadsheet format.

What is your billing address and where should invoices be sent?

Answer: Our billing address where invoices should be sent is: IPS, 3211 E. Capitol Dr., Appleton, WI  54911

What are your terms of payment?

Answer: Our terms of payment are Net 30 Days. We accept checks, MasterCard and VISA. Wire transfers can be arranged for international payments. Contact our Accounting Specialist, Naomi Groat, at 920-749-3040 ext. 125 with any other questions you might have.

Does IPS offer local sample pick-up/delivery?

Answer: As a normal course of business, we do not offer pick-up or delivery services.

Where is IPS located and how do I get there?

Answer: IPS, 3211 E. Capitol Dr., Appleton, WI  54911

From Milwaukee(or South): Take State Highway 41 North and take the Ballard Rd/ CR-E exit, EXIT 144. Turn right onto N Ballard/ US-41 BR/CR-E. Go one block and turn Left onto E Capitol Drive. Go about 0.8 mi on E. Capitol Dr. and turn right onto N. Progress Dr. and immediately left into the IPS parking lot.
From Green Bay(or North): Take State Highway 41 South and take the Ballard Rd/ CR-E exit, EXIT 144. Turn left onto N Ballard/ US-41 BR/CR-E. Go one block and turn Left onto E Capitol Drive. Go about 0.8 mi on E. Capitol Dr. and turn right onto N. Progress Dr. and immediately left into the IPS parking lot.

Call (920) 749-3040 if you need specific directions.

What are your hours of operation?

Answer: Our normal hours of operation are 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM (Central Time) Monday-Friday. Usually personnel are here earlier and later, however, you should check to make sure. Deliveries are accepted from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM.  Arrangements can be made for deliveries outside of these hours with prior notice.

What certifications does your lab hold?

Answer: Our lab is ISO 17025 accredited.  We were accredited by ACLASS on May 9, 2012.  This is the International Standard for Testing and Calibration Laboratories and is a competence based accreditation.  Labs with this accreditation operate in accordance with ISO 9001.  Specifically IPS is accredited to do the following tests for children's products:  Lead Testing  by GCMS for Non-Metal Products and Surface Coating of Products; Phthlates in Products; and Soluble Metals by ICP.  IPS also operates one of our labs under the FDA's Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP's) for medical devices. The regulations followed are 21 CFR 820. 

IPS Testing has received approval from the Corrugated Packaging Alliance to perform testing protocol within the Voluntary Standard for Repulping and Recycling Corrugated Fiberboard. This authorization comes after successful audits of the IPS testing lab facilities and the pulping and papermaking plant of its subcontractor partner, the University of Wisconsin-Steven Point’s Wisconsin Institute for Sustainable Technology (WIST). The Voluntary Standard testing protocol will be followed by IPS when certifying the repulpability and recyclability of wax alternatives for corrugated products that have been treated to improve performance when water and water vapor are present.

Serving clients in Wisconsin and the Midwest to the United States and internationally, Integrated Paper Services, Inc. (IPS) is an independent physical and analytical testing laboratory specializing in personal care product, medical supplies, nonwovens, fiber analysis and the pulp, paper and allied industries.

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