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Standard:     TAPPI

Method:         T 230
Title:               Viscosity of pulp (capillary viscometer method)
Viscosity testing gives an indication of the average degree of polymerization of the cellulose and a relative indication of the degradation (decrease in cellulose molecular weight) resulting from the pulping and/or bleaching process. A 0.5% cellulose solution, 0.5M cupriethylenediamine as the solvent, and a capillary viscometer are used to determine the viscosity. 
To perform adequate testing the equivalent of seven (7) oven dried grams is desired. This ensures that handsheets may be made from the samples, moisture can be tested and duplicate testing can be run. If sample availability is limited, testing can be performed using less sample. Sample may be received as handsheets, slush, or lap sample. The test is performed on 0.25 oven dried grams.
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