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INDA Releases New Flushability Guideline – September 2018

September 30th, 2018

INDA and EDANA have just released Edition Four of the Guidelines for Assessing the Flushability of Disposable Nonwoven Products (GD4). There have been a few changes to the methods and criteria which we have outlined below. Most of the changes to the standards are with slosh box and municipal pump, for more information please visit the INDA website

In addition to an update to the testing protocol, INDA and EDANA are introducing an updated Code of Practice: Communication Appropriate Disposal Pathways for Nonwoven Wipes to Protect Wastewater Systems, Second Edition, 2017 (Code of Practice for labeling). This new edition requires non-flushable wipes display the “Do Not Flush” symbol on wipe packaging such that it is viewable on shelf at the point of purchase and visible each time a wipe is removed from its dispenser package. As always, we are ready to accommodate your testing needs and answer any of your questions surrounding this newly revised protocol.

GD3 (2013)

GD4 (2018)

FG502: Slosh Box Disintegration Test

FG502.R1(18): Slosh Box Disintegration Test

180 Minutes

60 Minutes

25% must pass through a 12.5 mm sieve

60% must pass through a 12.5 mm sieve

GD3 (2013)

GD4 (2018)

FG507: Municipal Sewage Pump Test

FG507.R1(18): Municipal Sewage Pump Test

Average percent power increase over baseline for the five runs must not exceed 15%

Average percent power increase over baseline for five runs must not exceed 5%

Dutch Criteria <10%

Dutch pump criteria has been removed