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SGS-IPS Fiber Course 2021

July 9th, 2021

SGS-IPS Testing is pleased to announce that we are offering a special session of our Paper Fiber Analysis Course August 16 – 20, 2021. This introductory course offers detailed instruction in qualitative and quantitative analysis and identification techniques for paper fibers. You will receive valuable individual attention to your particular questions, as well as an (Read More…)


July 9th, 2021

SGS – IPS Testing has added a clamp truck with load cells to perform clamping simulation testing in an upright and natural position. This testing is also part of ISTA 6-Amazon.com – SIOC and ISTA 6-Sam’s Club procedures. The International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) designed performance and development tests to standardize transit packaging testing. Performance (Read More…)


July 9th, 2021

SGS – IPS Testing has recently added a prototype lab that will allow us to work with you to create tangible products to test your new ideas. Our technicians can substitute your materials into existing products or assemble products from scratch to create baby diapers, adult incontinence, and feminine care products. Prototyping is a valuable (Read More…)


June 2nd, 2020

SGS-IPS Testing of Appleton to Test Amazon Packaging (Appleton, Wis.) – SGS-IPS Testing of Appleton, Wisconsin, has announced the expansion of its packaging testing lab and services. The company now offers the full suite of International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) packaging tests including ISTA 6-Amazon.com test methods. Under ISTA, there are a series of performance (Read More…)

Two New Accelerated Aging Chambers Added – November 2018

November 30th, 2018

SGS-IPS Testing is excited to announce the acquisition of two additional chambers that allow for aging, conditioning and environmental testing at specific temperatures and relative humidity. These chambers can maintain a single point temperature of 20°C – 85°C, with a consistency of ±0.2°C, and a single point relative humidity of 50% – 90%, with a (Read More…)