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Unique Tests for Unique Customers

SGS-IPS has provided new or modified test method development services for customers’ special needs and has also reproduced tests that are described in patent literature for ‘right-to-practice’ and possible litigation support.

Although industry standard methods are the preferred means of testing when they are both available and applicable, there are many cases where standard tests are not optimized for particular products or materials. In such cases, the use of standard methods will result in data with large confidence intervals and low discrimination power. Modified or custom tests can often help provide more meaningful data, especially for personal care products where there are few published standard test procedures.

SGS-IPS staff is well trained and has broad skills in physical and analytical testing areas and is familiar with a wide variety of instrumentation that might be useful for development of custom test procedures. In addition, many senior staff have product development experience in the industries we serve; we can understand the problem from both the business and technical side.

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