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SGS-IPS Testing performs a variety of NonWovens Standard Procedures (NWSTs were formerly called WSP test methods) at its Northeast Wisconsin testing laboratory. These test methods are the harmonized results of INDA’s and EDANA’s efforts to develop worldwide test methods for the global nonwovens industry.

Test MethodMethod NumberTest Material
Three Standard Test Methods for Nonwoven AbsorptionNWSP 10.1Nonwovens
Absorption, Rate - WaterNWSP 10.2Wipes
Absorption, Capacity - OilNWSP 10.4Nonwovens, Absorbent Products
Abrasion Resistance, MartindaleNWSP 20.5Nonwovens
Electrostatic DecayNWSP 40.2Nonwovens
Air PermeabilityNWSP 70.1Nonwovens
Liquid Strike-ThroughNWSP 70.3Nonwovens
Liquid Strike-Through, RepeatedNWSP 70.7Nonwovens
Liquid Strike-Through, Wetback with Repeated Strike-ThroughNWSP 70.8Nonwovens
Rate of Acqusition and Re-WetNWSP 70.9Nonwovens
Centrifugal Liquid Retention CapacityWSP 70.10Nonwovens
Water Penetration, Spray ImpactNWSP 80.3Nonwovens
Water Resistance, Hydrostatic PressureNWSP 80.6Nonwovens
Liquid Strike-Through, WetbackNWSP 80.10Nonwovens
Stiffness, CantileverNWSP 90.1Nonwovens
Softness, Handle-O-MeterNWSP 90.3Nonwovens
Tearing Strength, ElmendorfNWSP 100.1Nonwovens
Tensile, Trapezoidal TearNWSP 100.2Nonwovens
Tensile, Grab StrengthNWSP 110.1Nonwovens
Tensile, Strip Method - DryNWSP 110.4Nonwovens
Tensile, Strip Method - Wet NWSP 110.4Nonwovens
Resistance to Penetration - Ball BurstNWSP 110.5Nonwovens
Basis WeightNWSP 130.1Nonwovens
Lint (Gelbo)NWSP 160.1Nonwovens
Absorption, Retention Capacity - Tea Bag Test WSP 241.2Superabsorbent Polymers
Superabsorbent Materials - Absorption Under PressureWSP 242.2Superabsorbent Polymers
Menstrual Tampons Absorbency - Syngina MethodNWSP 350.1Tampons
Softness, Cup CrushNWSP 402.0Nonwovens , Paper
Dispersability, Vortex Method without ScreeningWSP 511.3Tissue, Flushable Products

Don’t see the test method you need or not sure which one is for you? Please call our Customer Service department at 920-749-3040, ext. 1. SGS-IPS also performs the INDA/EDANA Flushability Protocol. Check out our Flushability page to get more information on these tests.