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Sustainability and Regulatory Testing

Sustainability and Regulatory Services

Sustainability has become a focal point for large and small companies alike. Similarly, companies are facing ever increasing and changing regulatory requirements. SGS-IPS works with companies to reach their sustainability and regulatory goals and this work touches every department within our Wisconsin-based lab.

One example of the material testing we perform in supporting sustainability measures is recyclability and repulpability certification. Along with certification programs, SGS-IPS is often involved in the testing of “green” materials or chemistry. Green chemistry helps to meet sustainability measures, but it is also imperative that green alternatives perform as well as the products they’ve replaced.

Many state governments and authorities require testing of products before they can be included in reimbursement programs or accepted for bids. SGS-IPS has earned ISO 17025 certification for the test methods recommended by the National Association for Continence (NAFC).

Analytical to Physical & Regulatory Testing

The following are some examples of our sustainability and regulatory related testing services:

  •  Determination of recycled content or Mixed Tropical Hardwoods in paper-based materials
  • Analytical testing of substrates, inks and adhesives for known “bad actors”
  • Regulatory testing (CONEG metals, etc.)
  • Recyclability/repulpability testing
  • Physical testing for material reduction or evaluation of green alternatives

The Federal Trade Commission’s “Green Guides” has made testing imperative and SGS-IPS can help you reach your sustainability goals.