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Defect Analysis and Failure Analysis Services

The scientists at SGS-IPS Testing are very experienced at examining product or material failures and helping provide clients the information they need to quickly identify and eliminate the root cause of the problems they have encountered. Often these projects are very time sensitive because of the problem’s impact on a client’s production. If needed SGS-IPS Testing can handle defect analysis and failure analysis jobs in an expedited manner.

Defect Analysis Case Studies

A Printer's Problem or Not?A nationally recognized printing company asked the professionals at SGS-IPS Testing to examine an unsightly and unacceptable contamination on several pages of a printed paper instruction booklet. The presence of the dark stains in the booklet could give customers doubts about the sanitary conditions of the accompanying product. It was of utmost importance to this company to know whether the contamination occurred during their handling of the paper or if it existed prior to receiving it from the papermaker….read moreDefect in Paper Product
A Personal Care Product with an Undesirable AttributeA manufacturer of silicone treated paper release liner for a personal care article needed to know whether they were responsible for the dark specks attached to a strip of release paper and the adjacent disposable fabric, used to contain a personal care article….read moreA Fly Caught in a Personal Care Product
The Matching GameA major supplier of fine papers submitted a sample of paper containing a recurring black smear and a container with a very fine, black dust. The professionals at SGS-IPS Testing Experts were asked, “Are the streaks on the paper and the material in the container the same?” …read moreComponents of Black Smear
What Caused the Streak?A major US paper manufacturer was finding recurring instances of red streaks on a particular lot of paper. Production and sale of this lot could not proceed until the source of the contamination was identified. The scientists at SGS-IPS Testing were asked to identify the contaminant so that the source could be identified…read moreWhat Caused the Streak?
What Caused the Copy Paper Malodor?A paper manufacturer came to us with a customer complaint about their copy paper: the paper had a noticeable dead fish odor to it when it was run through the copier. Obviously, this was not a desirable attribute. The GC/MS expert at SGS-IPS Testing developed a plan to identify the cause of the malodor…read moreWhat Caused the Streak?

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