Testing Services for the paper, nonwovens, packaging, and consumer products industries.

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SGS-IPS Testing has extensive expertise in the evaluation of a wide range of disposable consumer products and their constituent materials, including diapers & adult incontinence products, wipes, medical supplies, surgical gowns and drapes, feminine care pads and tampons.

SGS-IPS Testing can provide physical and analytical services, national brand equivalency testing, defect analysis, reverse engineering, litigation services, odor analysis and much more.

SGS-IPS has recently earned ISO 17025 certification for the test methods recommended by the National Association for Continence (NAFC). These methods represent key performance indicators of the absorbent properties of incontinence products such as adult briefs, diapers and underpads and include:

  • Rate of Acquisition
  • Rewet
  • Breathability
  • Retention Capacity
  • Elasticity
  • Total Absorbent Capacity

Physical Testing

Our independent physical testing laboratory performs a wide range of services specific to the industry. Our lab performs many AATCC, ASTM, ISO, TAPPI and WSP testing methods for consumer products, including: physical, optical and key product properties such as absorbency, durability, flushability, etc.

SGS-IPS is equipped with hundreds of lab instruments specific to consumer products and has a 5,500 square-foot temperature- and humidity-controlled testing lab to ensure accurate and reproducible test results.

Analytical, Microscopy and Fiber Services

Our analytical services team specializes in product testing and solving problems for the consumer goods industry.   Whether a substance needs to be identified, a competitor’s product needs to be analyzed, or your own materials need to be evaluated, our analytical research lab experts can meet your needs.  The SGS-IPS Fiber Science lab uses a variety of fiber analysis test methods to capture a product’s paper fiber or nonwoven composition in intricate detail. The SGS-IPS Microscopy lab can be very helpful in troubleshooting problems or supporting patent claims or in litigation situation.

The Physical and Analytical Testing Laboratories at SGS-IPS can help you:

  • Develop specific testing methods to meet your needs
  • Reconcile supplier-buyer conflicts and confirm consumer product specifications
  • Determine what testing may give you the answers to solve your problems
  • Support your competitive intelligence efforts by performing reverse engineering on a competitor’s products
  • Support any legal testing needed to improve your intellectual property position or litigation
  • Providing service when you are backlogged, looking for either routine or non-routine consumer product testing services
  • Provide National Brand Equivalency testing to support your supply chain requirements
  • Provide fiber analysis as part of a “Due Care” compliance strategy with the US Lacey act