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Fiber Science Services

The SGS-IPS Testing fiber science team, led by world renowned fiber expert Walter Rantanen, can help you with everything from production, quality monitoring and vendor qualification to verifying marketing claims and defect/contaminant analysis. The group uses a variety of fiber analysis test methods and is equipped to deliver timely, useful information to customers.

Microscopic fiber analysis is still the best means of identifying, verifying and quantifying virgin or recycled material, synthetic fiber in nonwovens or the presence of Mixed Tropical Hardwoods (MTH) even in finished products.

Our fiber science department’s capabilities include Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) and elemental analysis by Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS) which gives us the ability to look at coatings and product construction.

SGS-IPS has proven itself again and again, solving problems in manufacturing, troubleshooting and forensics for our worldwide clients in the paper, pulp, packaging and nonwovens industries. We closely follow ISO, ASTM, INDA and TAPPI test method standards.

Annually SGS-IPS conducts a week long course on Fiber Science at its Appleton location.  To learn more about this opportunity click here.


Test Methods Applicable to Fiber Science

 Click on the method number of interest below to see more details about the individual fiber science test method, sample requirements and other pertinent information.

Name of TestMethod Number/Description
Fiber Analysis of paper and paper boardThe TAPPI T 401 method identifies the kinds of fibers present in a sample of paper or paperboard and their quantitative estimation. Click here for a sample report
Fiber Analysis with species* percent Building on the mechanics of TAPPI T 401 , this test will provide the percentages of the pulp furnishes, identify the woods present and where possible, the percentages of the woods in each furnish. Click here for a sample report
Fiber IDProvides a list of the furnishes observed and the wood, or synthetic fibers present
Recycle contentSee Recycle Content page
Mixed tropical hardwood screeningYes/No report on the presence of MTH and Acacia Click here to see a MTH Yes-No Sample Report
Microscopic AnalysisObservations, opinions and/or interpretations e.g. is that wood shive cooked, or bleached, what is in this material plugging my screen
Photomicrography and Digital photosContact us for details
Ash TAPPI T 211, TAPPI T 413 or TAPPI T 244
Fiber length by automatic analyzer (MorFi®) Length, width, coarseness, shives and other parameters can be measured
Manual Fiber Length or DiameterAnalysts working at microscopes or stereoscopes use calibrated oculars or rulers to take measurements
SEMSee SEM Services page
EDS - Elemental Analysis See SEM Services page
Layer Purity StudiesTissue products are systematically pulled apart into layers and analyzed using the mechanics outlined in TAPPI T 401.
Spot testing for lignin, starch, proteins, etc.Contact us for details