Testing Services for the paper, nonwovens, packaging, and consumer products industries.

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SGS-IPS Testing’s 25+ years of experience in pulp and paper testing and ISO 17025 accreditation enables us to provide the reliable test information you need to make sound business decisions or solve challenging problems.

Physical Testing

Our U.S.-based independent testing laboratory performs a wide range of services specific to the industry. We perform ISO, ASTM and TAPPI methods for many paper and paperboard tests, including physical, optical, and thermal coating properties as well as printability testing. SGS-IPS is well-equipped with lab instruments specific to paper, and features a 5,500 square foot temperature and humidity-controlled TAPPI paper testing lab to ensure accurate and reproducible test results.

The Independent Paper Testing Lab at SGS-IPS can help you:

  • Develop paper testing methods to meet your needs
  • Reconcile supplier-buyer conflicts and confirm product specifications
  • Identify an appropriate testing protocol that may help you solve a pressing issue
  • Support your competitive intelligence through reverse engineering
  • By providing backup services when you are backlogged
  • By providing non-routine paper and paperboard testing services

Fiber Science

The SGS-IPS Fiber Science lab uses a variety of fiber analysis test methods to capture a product’s paper fiber or nonwoven composition in intricate detail. With the globalization of the fiber and paper markets, there is an increasing call for Fiber Analysis as part of a “Due Care” compliance strategy with the US Lacey Act. We provide this service for companies around the world.

Fiber analysis in SGS-IPS’s Fiber Science Lab will accurately identify hardwood and softwood ratios in combination with wood species identification. The lab also is widely known for its proficiency with Mixed Tropical Hardwoods and recycled fiber content.

Analytical Services

Our analytical chemistry team specializes in qualitative and quantitative testing as well as problem solving for the pulp and paper industry. Whether it is foreign substance identification, competitive product breakdown, or developmental material evaluations, our analytical scientists can meet your needs.

Pulping Lab

Pulp refining studies and handsheet testing at SGS-IPS’s pulping lab will enable you to:

  • Refine your processes
  • Help you to embrace emerging technologies
  • Evaluate chemical additives
  • Evaluate alternative fiber sources
  • Determine repulpability