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Specialty papers are papers that are coated/created for a specific purpose. Specialty papers are found in food packaging, release liners, barrier protection films, sandpaper and even medical supplies.

Standard paper becomes specialty paper by coating it with various chemicals. This allows the paper to be used for the specific application, such as being in contact with food. Why use specialty paper? Specialty paper provides good barrier performance, high wet strength, outstanding flexibility and printability. For example, using specialty paper (regarding food) increases the shelf life of a product and enables seamless transportation handling.

At SGS-IPS testing, we have the capability to fulfill your paper testing needs, including specialty paper. In the food service industry, specialty papers are increasingly being used for carryout boxes, carryout bags, paper plates, cups and much more. Cosmetic industries use specialty paper because of its enhanced moisture retention, pH levels and hygiene. It can also be used to improve function, processing, or decoration of another product, such as a release liner used in a medical bandage. Using specialty paper for release liners makes it easy to remove any adhesive product from the release paper without damaging the adhesive or leaving behind any residue.

SGS-IPS testing has many standardized and internal tests that ensures confident results that you can trust. Some of the physical tests we offer include grease resistance, dimensions, ink bleed, ink rub and repulpability. We have test methods in place to enhance products, improve performance and we can even find the root cause of a contaminant.