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SGS-IPS Testing performs pulp and paper testing following the TAPPI test methods at its laboratory headquartered in Appleton, Wisconsin.

These TAPPI standards are testing procedures and related practices used in the measurement, evaluation, and description of pulp, paper, and related products, including raw materials used in their manufacture, use, or in scientific investigations of any such substances. TAPPI Useful Methods (UMs) describe tests, procedures, or practices written in the same general style as a TAPPI Standard Test Method, but with minimum precision requirement. UMs do not receive the same review through a consensus process, and thus are not Standards.

Complete Pulp and Paper Testing

SGS-IPS performs a wide variety of pulp and paper testing methods which are listed below.  Click on the method number of interest to see more details about the TAPPI test method, sample requirements and other pertinent information.

Method NameTest Method NumberTest Matrix
Abrasion Resistance, Ink Rub - DryTAPPI T 830Paper
Abrasion Resistance, Ink Rub - WetTAPPI T 830Paper
Abrasion Resistance, Taber AbrasionTAPPI T 476Paper, Nonwovens
Absorption, Rate - Castor OilTAPPI T 462Paper
Absorption, Time - Water DropTAPPI T 432Tissue
Absorption, Time - Water Drop AbsorptionTAPPI T 835Corrugating Medium
Absorption, Time - Water Drop Penetration TAPPI T 831Corrugating Medium
Acidity/AlkalinityTAPPI T 428Paper
Air PermeabilityTAPPI T 251Porous Paper, Fabrics and Pulp Handsheets
Alkali SolubilityTAPPI T 235Pulp
Alkaline ReserveTAPPI T 553Paper
Alpha, Beta and Gamma CelluloseTAPPI T 203Bleached (delignified) pulps
Ash, 525°CTAPPI T 211Paper, Nonwovens
Ash, 900°C
TAPPI T 413Paper, Nonwovens
Ash, Acid InsolubleTAPPI T 244Paper
Basis WeightTAPPI T 410Paper, Paperboard
Basis WeightTAPPI T 220Handsheets
Bauer McNett, FinesTAPPI T 233Pulp
Box CompressionTAPPI T 804Paper, Packaging
Brightness, Diffuse or ISO - C illuminantTAPPI T 525Paper
Brightness, Diffuse or ISO - D65 IlluminantTAPPI T 579Paper
Brightness, Directional or TAPPITAPPI T 646Paper with Clay Fillers or a Paper Slurry
Brightness, Directional or TAPPITAPPI T 452Paper
Brightness, Fluorescent Component - Directional or TAPPI TAPPI T 452Paper
Brightness, Fluorescent Component - Directional or TAPPI TAPPI T 525 or TAPPI T 579Paper
Bulk or Specific Volume - CalculationTAPPI T 220Paper, Handsheets
Burst, MullenTAPPI T 220Handsheets
Burst, MullenTAPPI T 403 Paper
Burst, MullenTAPPI T 810Corrugate, Solid Fiberboard
Burst, MullenTAPPI T 807 Paperboard, Linerboard
Burst, Mullen - Wet TAPPI UM 401Paper
CaliperTAPPI T 220Handsheets
Caliper TAPPI T 411Paper, Paperboard, Combined board
CarbohydrateTAPPI T 249Paper
Cobb SizeTAPPI T 441Paper, Combined board
COF, Horizontal Plane TAPPI T 549Paper
COF, Slide Angle - Frictionizing Agent, Three SlidesTAPPI T 815Packaging
COF, Slide Angle - No Frictionizing Agent, Single SlideTAPPI T 815Packaging
Color, L,a,b,L*,a*,b* - Directional or TAPPI TAPPI T 524Paper, Paper with Clay, Paper Slurry
Color, L,a,b,L*,a*,b* - Diffuse or ISO using C illuminant TAPPI T 527Paper
Color, Whiteness - Diffuse or ISO using C illuminant TAPPI T 560Paper
Color, Whiteness - Directional or TAPPITAPPI T 562Paper
ConsistencyTAPPI T 240Pulp
Copper NumberTAPPI T 430Paper
CurlTAPPI T 520Paper
Density, Apparent - CalculationTAPPI T 220Paper, Handsheets
Dirt TAPPI T 563Paper
Edge Crush, Short Column Test or ECTTAPPI T 811Corrugated Board
Extractives (soxhlet)TAPPI T 204Paper
Fiber AnalysisTAPPI T 401Paper, Board etc.
Fines, Bauer McNettTAPPI T 233Pulp
Fines, Britt JarTAPPI T 261Pulp
Flame Resistance, Type I TAPPI T 461Paper, Paperboard
Flame Resistance, Type II TAPPI T 461Paper, Paperboard
Flat CrushTAPPI T 808Corrugated Board
Fluorescent Component - Diffuse or ISO TAPPI T 525 or TAPPI T 579Paper
Fluorescent Component - Directional or TAPPITAPPI T 452Paper
Fold, MITTAPPI T 220Handsheets
Fold, MITTAPPI T 511Paper
Fold, SchopperTAPPI T 423Paper
Freeness, Canadian StandardTAPPI T 227Pulp
Gloss, 20° TAPPI T 653Paper
Gloss, 75° TAPPI T 480Paper
Grease Resistance, Kit TestingTAPPI T 559Paper
Handsheet PrepTAPPI T 205Pulp
Handsheet Prep, Buchner FunnelTAPPI T 218Pulp
Handsheet Prep, Mechanical Pulps Requiring DelatinizationTAPPI T 205 and TAPPI T 262Mechanical Pulps
Handsheet Testing, Basis WeightTAPPI T 220Handsheets
Handsheet Testing, Bulk/DensityTAPPI T 220Handsheets
Handsheet Testing, BurstTAPPI T 220Handsheets
Handsheet Testing, CaliperTAPPI T 220Handsheets
Handsheet Testing, Light Scattering CoefficientTAPPI T 220Handsheets
Handsheet Testing, MIT FoldTAPPI T 220Handsheets
Handsheet Testing, TearTAPPI T 220Handsheets
Handsheet Testing, TensileTAPPI T 220Handsheets
Hercules Size TestTAPPI T 530Paper
Ink Rub - DryTAPPI T 830Paper
Ink Rub - FunctionalTAPPI T 830Paper
Ink Rub - WetTAPPI T 830Paper
Internal Bond, Scott BondTAPPI T 569Paper
Internal Bond, Z-Direction TensileTAPPI T 541Paper
Kappa NumberTAPPI T 236Pulp or Paper
Light Scattering CoefficientTAPPI T 220 TAPPI T 425 or TAPPI T 1214Handsheets and Paper
Lignin, Acid-Insoluble KlasonTAPPI 60(10): 143 (1977)Pulp or Paper
Mechanical Pulp PrepTAPPI T 262Paper
Moisture, As ReceivedTAPPI T 412Paper
Moisture, EquilibriumTAPPI T 550Paper
Opacity, Diffuse or ISOTAPPI T 519Paper
Opacity, Directional Geometry using 89% Reflectance Backing or TAPPI OpacityTAPPI T 425Paper
Opacity, Directional Geometry using Paper Backing or Printing OpacityTAPPI T 425Paper
Opacity, Directional Geometry using Paper Backing with Light Scattering CoefficientTAPPI T 425 TAPPI T 1214Paper
Optical Properties - Reflectivity, Opacity, Scattering, AbsorptionTAPPI T 1214Paper
pH - Cold ExtractTAPPI T 509Pulp or Paper
pH - Hot ExtractTAPPI T 435Pulp or Paper
pH - SurfaceTAPPI T 529Pulp or Paper
Ply SeparationTAPPI T 812Paper
Porosity, GurleyTAPPI T 460 Paper, Handsheets
Reducible SulfurTAPPI T 406Pulp or Paper
Refining, PFITAPPI T 248 or ISO 5264-2 withTAPPI T 240 TAPPI T 227 TAPPI T 205 and TAPPI T 220Pulp
RejectsTAPPI T 278Paper
Repulpability TAPPI UM 213Paper
Ring CrushTAPPI T 818Paper, Handsheets
Roughness, Parker Print-SurfTAPPI T 555Paper
Roughness, SheffieldTAPPI T 538Paper, Handsheets
Scott Bond TAPPI T 569Paper, Handsheets
Short Span Compressive Strength, SCT or STFI TAPPI T 826Paper, Handsheets
Size Test, Cobb - 30 Minute TestTAPPI T 441Combined board
Size Test, Cobb - Short TestTAPPI T 441Paper
Size Test, HerculesTAPPI T 530Paper
StarchTAPPI T 419Pulp or Paper
STFI or SCT, Short Span Compressive StrengthTAPPI T 826Paper
StickiesTAPPI T 277Paper
Stiffness, GurleyTAPPI T 543Paper
Stiffness, TaberTAPPI T 489 or TAPPI T 566Paper
Taber AbrasionTAPPI T 476Nonwovens
Taber AbrasionTAPPI T 476Paper
Tear, ElmendorfTAPPI T 414Paper
Tear, ElmendorfTAPPI T 220Handsheets
TensileTAPPI T 494Paper and Paperboard
TensileTAPPI T 220Handsheets
Tensile, High Tensile Strength >250 lbf/inTAPPI T 494Paper, Board etc.
Tensile, Wet - Finch CupTAPPI T 456Paper and Low Wet Strength Materials
Tensile, Wet - ImmersionTAPPI T 456Paper and Paperboard
Tensile, Wet - SGS-IPS Wetting MethodTAPPI T 494 and SGS-IPS Method for WettingPaper and Low Wet Strength Materials
ViscosityTAPPI T 230Pulp
Water Vapor Transmission Rate, Desiccant Method TAPPI T 448Paper
Water Vapor Transmission Rate, Desiccant Method at 90% RH and 37.8°CTAPPI T 464Paper
Wax ExtractionTAPPI T 405Paper
Wax PickTAPPI T 459Paper
Z-Directional TensileTAPPI T 541Paper
Zero-span TensileTAPPI T 231Handsheets
Zero-span Tensile, WetTAPPI T 273Handsheets