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Analytical Services at SGS-IPS Testing

The team of analytical chemists at SGS-IPS Testing can provide you with valuable information about your product. Whether it’s part of your ongoing quality control program, or a problem with production or performance of your product, SGS-IPS Testing can help solve these issues in a timely matter. Our analytical team specializes in solving problems in the paper, pulp, nonwovens and health care industries, with years of experience and state-of-the-art equipment. Analytical services SGS-IPS Testing offers include: pH, titrations, ash analysis, CONEG metals analysis by ICP-OES, FTIR, EDS, GCMS-Volatile, GCMS-Semi-volatile, Olfactory Detection, reverse engineering, and component analysis of consumer products.

If your needs are not completely met by an existing testing method, SGS-IPS can develop customized analytical methods to meet the needs of your company’s research and production objectives. This can save your company considerable time and money when it comes to bringing new products and services to market. Give us a call and our team of experts will work with you and custom design a testing protocol.

Test MethodMethodNotes
Acidity/AlkalinityTAPPI T 428
Acidity/Alkalinity ASTMASTM D548
Alkali Solubility TAPPI T 235For bleached (delignified) pulps
Alkaline ReserveTAPPI T 553 % Calcium Carbonate (detection limit of 2%)
Alpha, Beta and Gamma CelluloseTAPPI T 203For bleached (delignified) pulps
Alpha Cellulose onlyTAPPI T 203For bleached (delignified) pulps
Ash at 525 °CTAPPI T 211For any wood, pulp, paper or paper products
Ash at 900 °C TAPPI T 413For any wood, pulp, paper or paper products
Ash, Acid-Insoluble TAPPI T 244Pulp sheets, Sand analysis can be added
Binder Analysis SGS-IPS Method
TAPPI T 249Mininimum of 2 samples. Acid-insoluble lignin can be added
Copper NumberTAPPI T 430
Deconstruction of Consumer ProductReverse Engineering
Extractives (soxhlet)TAPPI T 204Contact for solvent options
Heavy MetalsBy ICP
Kappa Number TAPPI T 236Single determination
Lignin, Acid-Insoluble KlasonTAPPI 60(10): 143 - 1977Mininimum of 2 samples (detection limit of 2%)
Odor AnalysisBy GCMS with Olfactory Detection Port
pH - Cold ExtractTAPPI T 509Don’t touch sample with hands
pH - Hot ExtractTAPPI T 435Don’t touch sample with hands
pH - SurfaceTAPPI T 529Don’t touch sample with hands
Quantitative Analysis of Textile Fiber ASTM D629eRequires a fiber ID before testing
Reducible sulfur TAPPI T 406Requires standard curve
Sand Analysis in Pulp SGS-IPS Method -uses TAPPI T 244
StarchTAPPI T 419
Volatiles By GCMS
Semi-volatilesBy GCMS
Wax extraction TAPPI 405Duplicate determination
Troubleshooting - Inorganic IDEnergy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS)
Troubleshooting - Organic IdentificationInfrared Spectroscopy