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National Brand Equivalency Testing

Stores brands continue to grow significantly at the expense of national brands. The appeal of store brands goes beyond cost savings and is truly a choice of value as many consumers often aren’t able to tell the difference between the two. Store brands have evolved a great deal since the days of generics due in large part to the efforts of retailers and manufacturers through programs such as national brand equivalency testing.

SGS-IPS Testing performs national brand equivalency testing for a number of major retailers to assure that store brands meet or exceed their branded counterparts. The testing protocols are particular to the product line and often specified by the retailer. SGS-IPS is able to develop a testing protocol focusing on key indicators to help retailers and manufacturers alike.

SGS-IPS has earned ISO 17025 certification for the test methods recommended by the National Association for Continence (NAFC). These methods represent key performance indicators of the absorbent properties of incontinence products such as adult briefs, diapers and underpads and include:

  • Rate of Acquisition
  • Rewet
  • Breathability
  • Retention Capacity
  • Elasticity
  • Total Absorbent Capacity

Additionally, our Mannequin Laboratory allows us to perform three-dimensional testing to evaluate the form, fit, and function of diapers, adult incontinence, and feminine care products.

Physical Testing to Fiber Analysis

Testing services for national brand equivalency can range from physical testing to fiber analysis. Our team has years of experience in national brand equivalency and market studies with a wide range of products from paper to consumer goods. While not limited to the following, our primary areas of focus are diapers and incontinence products, bath and facial tissue, paper towels, paper products, and nonwovens.

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