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Protect our Plant - Use Sustainable Practices

Sustainability and Regulatory Tests Offered by SGS-IPS

Sustainability has become a focal point for large and small companies alike. Similarly, companies are facing ever increasing and changing regulatory requirements. SGS-IPS works with companies to reach their sustainability and regulatory goals and this work touches every department within our Wisconsin-based lab.

SGS-IPS offers a number of testing protocols to support our clients sustainability and regulatory programs and goals. If you don’t see the test you are interested in, please contact our Customer Service representatives at (920) 749-3040 ext. 1, to see if we can meet your testing needs or identify others who can.

Test MethodTesting Standard OwnerTest Material
Repulpability (Part 1)Fibre Box Assn. Voluntary StandardCorrugate
Recyclability (Part 2)Fibre Box Assn. Voluntary StandardCorrugate
FlushabilityINDA/EDANA Flushability (2013)Wipes intended to be flushed
Food contact and regulatory testing FDA, EU, CA Prop. 65Food Grade Papers, Food Packaging, Products sold in CA or in Europe
Odor AnalysisGCMS w/ sniffer port
Volatiles by GCMS
Semi-volatiles by GCMS
Heavy Metals by ICP