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ASTM D 6797 Bursting Strength




ASTM D 6797


Bursting Strength of Fabrics Constant-Rate-of-Extension (CRE) Ball Burst Test


ASTM D 6797 describes the measurement for bursting strength of woven and knitted textiles taken from rolls of fabric or fabric taken from garments. The values stated in either SI units or U.S. customary units are to be regarded as standard, but must be used independently of each other. The U.S. customary units may be approximate.

Summary of Test Method

Set up the tensile tester for performing the ball burst test in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.  A specimen of the fabric is securely clamped to the CRE machine without tension to the ball burst attachment.  A force is exerted against the specimen by a polished, hardened steel ball until rupture occurs.

Significance and Use

This method is used to determine the force required to rupture textile fabric by forcing a steel ball through the fabric with a constant-rate-of-extension tensile tester.

This is a new method and therefore the history of data is very small, however the agreement of within- laboratory data suggest this method may be considered for acceptance testing of commercial shipments with caution.


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