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ASTM F1862




ASTM F1862


Resistance of Medial Face Masks to Penetration by Synthetic Blood


ASTM F1862 test method is used to evaluate the resistance of medical face masks to penetration by the impact of a small volume of a high-velocity stream of synthetic blood. Medical face mask pass/fail determinations are based on visual detection of synthetic of synthetic blood penetration.


A volume of synthetic blood is disbursed at a specimen mask by a pneumatically controlled valve from a set distance to simulate the impact (splatter) of blood or other body fluid onto the specimen. The velocity and volume of fluid are set to simulate a given healthcare scenario.

Significance and Use

This test method offers a procedure for evaluating medical face mask resistance to synthetic blood penetration that is useful in establishing claims for penetration resistance performance of medical face masks and ranking their performance. However, this test method does not define acceptable levels of penetration resistance because this determination must be made by each responsible user organization based on its own specific application and conditions. Therefore, when using this test method to make claims for the performance of medical face masks, the specific conditions under which testing is conducted must be described.

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