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ISO 12625-5 Tensile strength (Wet)




ISO 12625-5


Determination of wet tensile strength


ISO 12625-5 Tensile strength test specifies a test method for the determination of the wet tensile strength of tissue paper and tissue products after soaking with water, using a tensile-strength-testing apparatus operating with a constant rate of elongation.
Currently, two types of tensile-strength testers are commercially available, one where the test piece is positioned vertically and, for the other, horizontally. This part of ISO 12625-5 applies for both. For vertical tensile-strength testers, a device which is held in the lower grip of the tensile-strength tester, called a Finch Cup, is used to achieve the wetting. For horizontal tensile-strength testers, the soaking device is placed between the clamps.


A test piece of tissue paper or tissue product of given dimensions, soaked in water for a given period of time under specified conditions, is stretched (elongated) to break at a constant rate of elongation, using a tensile-strength-testing apparatus that measures and records the tensile force as a function of the elongation of the test piece.

The test can be carried out by a vertical or a horizontal tensile-strength tester.

In order to wet the test pieces for a vertical tensile-strength tester, a device, called a Finch Cup, which is held to the lower clamp, is used; while for a horizontal tensile-strength tester, a soaking cup is inserted between the clamps.

From the wet tensile strength and the tensile strength of the same sample in the dry conditioned state, the wet-tensile-strength retention can be calculated.


IPS doesn’t recommend Finch cup testing for wetting, especially for tissue products; IPS recommends using ISO 12625-4 with IPS method for wetting. Curing of raw materials is done when requested by the customer for an additional fee. Wet Tensile Strength Retention is done when requested by the customer for an additional fee.


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