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ISO 12625-7 Optical Properties




ISO 12625-7


Determination of optical properties — Measurement of brightness and color with D65/10°


ISO 12625-7 Optical Properties specifies testing procedures for the instrumental determination of brightness and color of tissue paper and tissue products viewed under outdoor daylight conditions. It also gives specific instructions for the preparation of test pieces (single-ply, multi-ply products) and for the optical measurements of products, where special precautions may be necessary.


A test piece is illuminated diffusely in a standardized instrument and the light reflected normal to the surface is either allowed to pass through a defined optical filter and then measured by a photodetector or measured by an array of photosensitive diodes, where each diode responds to a different effective wavelength. The brightness is then determined directly from the output from the photodetector or by calculation from the photosensitive diode outputs using the appropriate weighting function and colour coordinates are calculated for D65/100 conditions.


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