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ISO 12625-8 Absorption




ISO 12625-8


Tissue paper and tissue products — Part 8: Water-absorption time and water-absorption capacity, basket-immersion test method


This part of ISO 12625 describes one principle for the determination of water-absorption properties of tissue paper and tissue products, a principle in which sheets of the sample are inserted in a cylindrical basket, which is immersed in water. The results are expressed as

  • water-absorption time, and
  • water-absorption capacity.
In European and international trade, both water-absorption time and water-absorption capacity represent important parameters in the field of comparison of tissue products.


ISO 12625-8 Absorption specifies a basket-immersion test method for the determination of water-absorption time and water-absorption capacity of tissue paper and tissue products.


A test piece of the tissue paper or a tissue product is placed in a cylindrical basket and allowed to immerse in water under its own weight.

The time required for complete wetting of the test piece is measured, the mass of water absorbed then being determined after a stated immersion time followed by a given draining time, under specified conditions.


The weight of the basket used by SGS-IPS is twice that specified in the method.  Our results are internally consistent, but not necessarily comparable to other test labs.


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