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ISO 2493-2 Stiffness (Taber)




ISO 2493-2


Determination of bending resistance — Part 2: Taber-type tester


ISO 2493-2 Stiffness specifies procedures to measure the bending resistance of paper and paperboard.

This test is used to determine the bending moment required to deflect the free end of a 38 mm wide vertically clamped specimen by 15° when the load is applied at a bending length of 50 mm. For boards that tend to be permanently deformed if bent through 15°, the half bending angle, i.e. 7,5°, can be used. The bending resistance is expressed in terms of the bending moment and parameters set by the manufacturer of the Taber-type tester.

This method is primarily used for papers with a high grammage.


A test piece of defined dimensions is bent through a specified bending angle using a specific type of testing instrument. The resulting bending moment is read from the instrument scale.

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