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ISO 2758 Burst (Mullen)




ISO 2758


Paper — Determination of bursting strength


ISO 2758 Burst specifies a method for measuring the bursting strength of paper submitted to increasing hydraulic pressure. It is applicable to paper having bursting strengths within the range 70 kPa to 1 400 kPa. It is not intended to be used for the components (such as fluting medium or linerboard) of a combined board, for which the method given in ISO 2759 is more suitable.

In the absence of any commercial agreement as to which method should be used for testing the material, materials with bursting strengths below 600 kPa should be tested according to this International Standard.


A test piece, placed over a circular elastic diaphragm, is rigidly clamped at the periphery but free to bulge with the diaphragm. Hydraulic fluid is pumped at a constant rate, bulging the diaphragm until the test piece ruptures. The bursting strength of the test piece is the maximum value of the applied hydraulic pressure.


Basis weight required for Index Values.


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