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ISO 5264-2 Refining (PFI)




ISO 5264-2


Pulps — Laboratory beating — Part 2: PFI mill method


Beating is a preliminary step in the preparation of laboratory sheets for testing the physical properties of pulps. In the PFI mill, each beating is performed separately, i.e. a new test portion of unbeaten pulp is taken for each beating.


ISO 5264-2 Refining specifies a method for the laboratory beating of pulp using a PFI mill. The description is limited to the sampling, preparation and beating of the pulp and the beating equipment.
In principle, this method is applicable to all kinds of chemical and semi-chemical pulps. In practice, the method might not give satisfactory results with certain pulps having extremely long fibers.


A measured amount of pulp at a specified stock concentration is beaten between a roll with bars and a smooth beater housing, both rotating in the same direction, but at different peripheral speeds.


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