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ISO 5631-2 Color (D65 illuminant)




ISO 5631-2


Determination of colour by diffuse reflectance — Part 2: Outdoor daylight conditions (D65/10 degrees)


This part of ISO 5631 specifies a method for measuring the colour of paper and board by the diffuse reflectance method with the elimination of specular gloss.

It can be used to determine the colour of papers or boards that contain fluorescent whitening agents, provided the UV content of the illumination on the test piece has been previously adjusted to give the calibrated colourimetric value corresponding to CIE standard illuminant D65, using a fluorescent reference standard with an assigned CIE whiteness (D65/100) value provided by an authorized laboratory, as described in ISO 11475.

This part of ISO 5631 is not applicable to coloured papers or boards that incorporate fluorescent dyes or pigments.


The light reflected from a sample under specified conditions is analysed either by a tristimulus-filter colourimeter or by an abridged spectrophotometer, and the colour coordinates are then calculated for D65/100 conditions.


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