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ISO 9073-6 Absorption




ISO 9073-6


Textiles — Test methods for nonwovens — Part 6: Absorption


ISO 9073-6 Absorption describes methods for the evaluation of several aspects of the behaviour of nonwoven fabrics in the presence of liquids. In particular:
  • the liquid absorbency time;
  • the liquid absorptive capacity;
  • the liquid wicking rate (capillarity).
It should be noted that these different aspects of absorbency may relate to various end uses of the tested products.
The tests are not applicable to any fabric containing super absorbent materials.


The liquid absorbency time test measures the time required for the complete wetting of a specimen strip loosely rolled into a cylindrical wire basket and dropped on to the surface of the liquid from a height of 25 mm.

In this method the liquid can come into contact with all surfaces of the sample.


Test intervals include: 10, 30, and 60 seconds. Method can be used for tissue products. All samples are conditioned and tested at 50% RH and 23° C.  IPS uses a basket weighing 6.75 ± 0.25 g for the liquid absorbency test.


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