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NWSP 110.1 Tensile (Grab Strength)




NWSP 110.1


Breaking Strength and Elongation of Nonwoven Materials (Grab Strength Test)


The NWSP 110.1 Tensile properties test method covers the grab strength test procedure for determining the breaking strength and elongation of most nonwoven materials. Provisions are made for wet testing. This procedure is applicable for nonwovens and felted fabrics. This test method is not recommended for materials which have a high percentage of stretch.

This procedure is applicable for testing nonwoven materials in either a dry or wet condition. Comparing test results from tensile testing machines operating on different principles is not recommended.

SI values are regarded as the official standard system of measurement for this standard test method. If other systems of measurement are used in place of SI units (including inch-pound) their values must be reported independently. Systems of measurement must not be combined in any way, but shall be regarded and reported separately.


A 100-mm wide specimen is mounted centrally in clamps of a tensile testing machine and force applied until the specimen breaks. Values for the breaking force and the elongation of the test specimen are obtained from test instrument; scales, dials, autographic recording charts, or a computer interfaced.

This test method describes procedures for carrying out nonwoven material grab tensile test and three alternative types of testing machines. When reporting results indicate which type of tensile machine was used.

The grab test procedure is applicable to the determination of the effective strength of the nonwoven material. There is no simple relationship between grab tests and strip tests.


IPS will condition and test at 50% RH and 23°C


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