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NWSP 110.5 Ball Burst




NWSP 110.5


Resistance to Mechanical Penetration (Ball Burst Procedure) of Nonwoven Fabrics


The NWSP 110.5 Ball Burst test is applicable for determining the puncture strength of nonwoven fabrics. It may also be used with other materials or fabrics, but they are not included in this method.

This method is primarily designed to be used on nonwovens with some degree of elasticity (cross laid fibers).

SI values are regarded as the official standard system of measurement for this standard test method. If other systems of measurement are used in place of SI units (including inch-pound) their values must be reported independently. Systems of measurement must not be combined in any way, but shall be regarded and reported separately.


A specimen from a roll of nonwoven material or garment is securely clamped with tension between grooved, circular plates of the ball burst attachment secured to the non-movable jaw location of the constant-rate-of-traverse (CRT) testing machine. A force is exerted against the specimen by a polished hardened steel ball that is attached to the upper movable jaw. The test is terminated when the ball ruptures the material.


IPS uses a Constant Rate of elongation (CRE) tensile frame to conduct this test.  Samples are conditioned and tested at 23°C and 50% RH.


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