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NWSP 20.5 Abrasion Resistance




NWSP 20.5


Abrasion Resistance of Nonwoven Fabrics using a Nonwoven Modified Martindale Abrasion Test Method


The NWSP 20.5 Abrasion Resistance test method covers the determination of the abrasion resistance of Nonwoven fabrics using the Martindale abrasion tester. Nonwovens of all types may be tested by this method.

The SI values are regarded as the official standard system of measurement for this standard test method. If other systems of measurement are used in place of SI units (including inch-pound) their values must be reported independently. Systems of measurement must not be combined in any way, but shall be regarded and reported separately.


Abrasion resistance is measured by subjecting the specimen to a rubbing motion in the form of a specific geometric figure (Lissajous), that is, a straight line, which becomes a gradually widening ellipse, until it forms another straight line in the opposite direction and traces the same figure again under known conditions of pressure and abrasive action. Resistance to abrasion is evaluated by various means which are described in the method.


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