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WSP 241.2 Fluid Retention




WSP 241.2


Superabsorbent Materials ― Polyacrylate Superabsorbent Powders ― Gravimetric Determination of Fluid Retention Capacity in Saline Solution After Centrifugation


The sample weighing has been simplified to taking a single sample between 0.18 and 0.22 g – to avoid the giving and taking of sample between the bottle and the weighing vessel. Fresh saline should be used for each batch of teabags tested as the saline may become more concentrated owing to water evaporation during the test and contaminated by water soluble extractables from the polymer samples.


The WSP 241.2 Fluid Retention test method covers the determination of the fluid retention capacity of polyacrylate (PA) superabsorbent powders in saline solution, following centrifugation.

The SI values are regarded as the official standard system of measurement for this standard test method.


The sample is weighed and placed in a bag. The bag is submerged in the fluid to be absorbed and afterwards centrifuged for a specified time, at a specified centrifugal force, to determine the amount of fluid retained.


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