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NWSP 40.2 Electrostatic Decay




NWSP 40.2


Electrostatic Decay of Nonwoven Fabrics


The NWSP 40.2 Electrostatic Decay test method determines the electrostatic properties of a material in film or sheet form by measuring the time required to dissipate a charge from the surface of the material.

This test method provides the values in both SI units and inch-pound units. Inch-pound units are the customary units used in the United States and these values will be in parentheses in the body of this method. The International System of Units (SI units) are the customary metric units used in most of the rest of the world.


A flat sheet material is tested to determine its ability to dissipate an electrostatic charge by mounting samples of the material, subsequently charging the material to 5000V and then timing the charge dissipation.

Fabrics, films, nonwovens, or other materials which may be used in situations where electrostatic charge is objectionable may be tested using this method. These situations may be safety related such as use around flammable materials or practical such as handling the fabric or film on automated equipment.


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