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NWSP 402.0 Cup Crush




NWSP 402.0


Cup Crush


NWSP 402.0 Cup Crush is a Useful Method that measures the simultaneous, multi-directional deformation of a material. This test method is used to determine the softness of a material less than 1 mm thick by using peak load and energy to quantify softness. This method is designed to compare relative softness of a given type of fabric made under different processing conditions. It is not usable for comparing the softness of fabrics made using different manufacturing processes. For example, one cannot compare fabrics made via spunbonding versus carded, needlepunched, spunlace, etc.

This test method is applicable to woven and nonwoven materials where analysis of the softness of the material is desired. The material must have sufficient structural integrity to be formed into the cup shape and then be able to maintain that shape until it is tested. The forming cup is designed for specimens less than 1 mm thick.

SI values are regarded as the official standard system of measurement for this standard test method. If other systems of measurement are used in place of SI units (including inch-pound) their values must be reported independently. Systems of measurement must not be combined in any way, but shall be regarded and reported separately.


A 225-mm square specimen is formed into a cup shape and mounted in a tensile testing machine. A 44.5 mm diameter hemispherical-shaped plunger descends into the cup-shape deforming the shape.

The specimen is shaped inside a forming cup. The forming cup and the specimen are then placed on a testing plate which is mounted on a tensile tester. A foot descends into the cup “crushing” the specimen. The results are a manifestation of the softness of the material. The softer the material, the lower the peak force and energy values.


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