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WSP 511.3 Dispersability Vortex Test




WSP 511.3 (2009)


Dispersability Vortex Test


The WSP 511.3 Dispersability Vortex Test is used to assess the dispersability or physical breakup of a flushable product during transport through household sewage pumps (ejector and grinder pumps) and municipal wastewater conveyance systems (sewer pipes and lift stations).


The physical disintegration of a flushable product is beneficial to the transport of products through sewage pumps and wastewater conveyance systems. The vortex test can be used as an alternative to the dispersability shake flask test to evaluate the physical disintegration potential of a test material. The test materials may include tissue, wipes or any other flushable product. Results from this test are used to predict the compatibility of a flushable product with household sewage pumps and municipal wastewater conveyance systems.


This test is similar to other vortex tests being used to assess dispersability (e.g., French Disintegration Test, Japanese Industry Standard Test). In this test a beaker filled with tap water is used to measure the physical disintegration of a test material. The water in the beaker is set in motion with a stir bar. The time at which the first piece of product is broken off is recorded, as well as the time when the entire product is dispersed into its individual components or fibers. At test termination the contents in the beaker are passed through a series of screens. The various size fractions retained on the screens are weighed, and the rate and extent of disintegration determined over time.


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