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NWSP 70.3 Liquid Strike-Through




NWSP 70.3


Nonwoven Coverstock Liquid Strike-Through Time Using Simulated Urine


The NWSP 70.3 Liquid Strike-Through test method measures the strike-through time, i.e. the time taken for a known volume of liquid (simulated urine) applied to the surface of a test portion of nonwoven coverstock, which is in contact with an underlying standard absorbent pad, to pass through the nonwoven. This test method is only designed to compare strike-through time of nonwoven coverstock. It is not intended to simulate in-use conditions for finished products.


A specified quantity of simulated urine is discharged at a prescribed rate under specified conditions onto a test specimen of nonwoven, which is superimposed on a reference absorbent pad. The time taken for the entire liquid dose to penetrate the nonwoven is measured electronically.


IPS uses Ahlstrom Grade 989 blotters. IPS conditions and tests at 50% RH and 23°C. IPS tests 10 specimens per sample.


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