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NWSP 70.7 Liquid Strike-Through (Repeated)




NWSP 70.7


Repeated Liquid Strike -Through Time


The NWSP 70.7 Liquid Strike-Through (Repeated) test method measures the strike-through time (STT) for each of three subsequent doses of liquid (simulated urine) applied to the surface of a test piece of nonwoven coverstock. The STT is defined as the time taken for a known volume of liquid to pass through the nonwoven that is in contact with an underlying dry standard absorbent pad.

This test method is intended for Quality Control and is designed for comparison of STT for different nonwoven coverstocks. It does not simulate in-use conditions for finished products.

SI values are regarded as the official standard system of measurement for this standard test method.


Three subsequent doses of simulated urine are discharged at a prescribed rate, and under specified conditions, onto a test piece of nonwoven which is placed on a reference absorbent pad. The time taken for each of the liquid doses to penetrate the nonwoven is measured electronically, using conductometric detection. The absorbent pad remains unchanged and wet between the doses.


IPS uses Ahlstrom Grade 989 blotters. IPS conditions and tests at 50% RH and 23°C. IPS tests 10 specimens per sample.


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