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NWSP 70.9 Rate of Acquisition and Re-Wet




NWSP 70.9


Rate of Acquisition and Re-Wet Test


NWSP 70.9 test measures the ability of incontinence products to accept and retain 0.9% saline solution under simulated in-use conditions of load and pressure.

NWSP 70.9 also determines amount of time required for an absorbent article to absorb a fixed quantity of 0.9% saline solution.

SI values are regarded as the official standard system of measurement for this standard test method.


A specified quantity of simulated urine is discharged at a prescribed rate onto a test specimen with a nonwoven cover. The time taken for the entire liquid dose to penetrate the nonwoven is measured (ROA).

A pre-weighed filter paper is then placed on the specimen and a known weight is applied carefully on top of the filter paper and specimen. The mass of liquid absorbed by the filter paper is defined as (rewet)
NWSP -ISO Accredited Test Procedure

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