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TAPPI T 205 Handsheet forming






Forming handsheets for physical tests of pulp



TAPPI T 205 describes a method of forming test handsheets at an oven dry weight of 60 g/m2 for determining the physical properties of pulp for both unrefined and refined pulps. Appendix B describes a modified procedure for making heavier weight sheets for pulps intended for use in paperboard manufacture. The procedures for measuring the physical properties are described in TAPPI T 220 “Physical Testing of Pulp Handsheets.” The procedure for forming handsheets for determining the optical properties of pulp is described in TAPPI T 218 “Forming Handsheets for Reflectance Tests of Pulp.”


Test results on handsheets made with this procedure are often used to describe properties of market pulps. The results are also used to determine properties of mixtures of hardwood/softwood or of fiber species to obtain desired properties for machine made papers.


To perform adequate testing the equivalent of 30 oven dry grams is desired. This ensures proper moisture testing and disintegration of the sample. IPS usually makes ten handsheets per pulp sample, this may vary upon tests required, customer needs, and pulp availability.


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