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TAPPI T 456 Wet tensile strength






Tensile breaking strength of water-saturated paper
and paperboard (“wet tensile strength”)


TAPPI T 456 Wet tensile strength describes the procedure for the determination of the tensile strength of paper and paperboard after saturation with water. This procedure is applicable to papers and paperboard (excluding corrugated board) that will be subjected to stress while wet, either during processing or use. Such materials include but are not limited to tissue products, papers used in map-making, photography, and blue prints, bags and food wraps.


Specimens are selected in accordance with TAPPI T 400 “Sampling and Accepting a Single Lot of Paper, Paperboard, Containerboard or Related Product” and saturated with distilled water either by immersion or with the use of the Finch cup. After saturation, the wet tensile breaking strength is evaluated using a tensile tester complying with the requirements TAPPI T 494 “Tensile Breaking Properties of Paper and Paperboard (Using Constant Rate of Elongation Apparatus)”


The wet tensile breaking strength is an important performance characteristic of papers that will be processed wet, or that will be subjected to wetting, whether accidentally or intentionally during use. Example of such products include, but are not limited to tissue products (including paper toweling), photographic paper, bags, moisture food wraps, saturating papers, and any other papers subjected to stress during processing or use, while wet.


IPS does not recommend Finch Cup testing. IPS recommends using TAPPI T 494 and IPS method for wetting.


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