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TAPPI T 461 Flame resistance






Flame resistance of treated paper and paperboard


TAPPI T 461 describes a method for testing the flame resistance of paper and paperboard not over 1.6 mm (0.063 in.) in thickness that has been treated to prevent the spread of flame when ignited. It also provides a parameter of quality and utility by distinguishing between paper or paperboard having a non-durable treatment (removed by leaching in water), designated as Type I, and paper or paperboard having a durable treatment (not removed by leaching in water), designated as Type II.


The utility of paper and paperboard for many functional and decorative purposes requires resistance to the spread of flame. This method is useful in both qualitative and quantitative measurement of the flame resistance of paper and paperboard. Certain uses may also require a knowledge of the durability of the flame resisting treatments applied to paper and paperboard when exposed to water. Judicious analysis of the test data may be useful for design purposes in applications and fabrication of materials requiring flame resistant properties.


Customer should identify the specimen as either Type I or Type II. For Type II specimens the customer should indicate whether it is a phosphorous polymer or antimony oxide formulation.


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