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TAPPI T 807 Bursting Strength






Bursting strength of paperboard and linerboard

Scope and summary

The TAPPI T 807 Bursting strength method describes a procedure for measuring the bursting strength of linerboard using a disk shaped diaphragm. Basis weights for this method should be 98 g/m2 (20#/MSF) and higher. The minimum burst should be 350 kPa (51 psi). This method may also be used to test paperboard.

A specimen is clamped between two platens with circular openings in their centers. An expansible diaphragm is distended through the lower platen by means of hydraulic pressure until the specimen ruptures. The maximum hydraulic pressure when the specimen ruptures is recorded.

For the bursting strength of paper with basis weights below 98 g/m2, use TAPPI T 403 “Bursting Strength of Paper.” For corrugated combined board, see TAPPI T 810 “Bursting Strength of Corrugated Board.”


The bursting strength test of linerboard (and paperboard) is a composite measure of certain properties of the sheet structure, principally tensile strength and elongation. In general, bursting strength is dependent on the type, proportion, preparation, and amount of fibers present in the sheet and on their formation, internal sizing, and, to some degree, the surface treatment. While bursting strength is an empirical property, this test, in combination with grammage (basis weight), serves to define some “standard grades” in commerce. The bursting strength relates to sidewall puncture of the finished combined board and has been shown to be important in mixed load LTL types of shipments. See TAPPI T 810 for testing burst on combined board and boxes.


To perform adequate testing ten, 8.5″ x 11″ sheets are requested. Ten replicates requiring an area of 4.0″ by 4.0″ are to be tested. Areas that contain creases or visible damage can not be tested. If sample quantity is limited, testing can be done by sampling fewer sheets and/or performing fewer replicates. This sampling information should be adequate for four or five TAPPI methods per request. If more methods are requested, please call to verify the necessary amount of sample.

Basis weight is required for Burst Index Values.


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