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TAPPI T 811 Edgewise compressive strength






Edgewise compressive strength of corrugated
fiberboard (short column test)


The TAPPI T 811 Edgewise compressive strength method describes procedures for determining the edgewise compressive strength (ECT), perpendicular to the axis of the flutes, of a short column of single-, double-, or triple-wall corrugated fiberboard. The method includes procedures for cutting the test specimen, specimen support (waxed edges), and two procedures for applying the compressive force (constant strain rate, or constant load rate). Studies have shown that any combination of these procedures will yield the same test results with the stated precision.


Research has shown that the edgewise compressive strength of specimens with flutes vertical, in combination with the flexural stiffness of the combined board and box dimensions, relates to the top-to-bottom compressive strength of vertically fluted corrugated fiberboard shipping containers. This method may also be used for comparing the edgewise compressive strength of different lots of similar combined boards or for comparing different material combinations.


Testing of the samples is done with a flexible beam compression tester.


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