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TAPPI T 826 Short span compressive strength






Short span compressive strength of containerboard


The TAPPI T 826 Short span compressive strength test describes a procedure for determining the compressive resistance of containerboard. This method is intended for containerboard having a span-to-thickness ratio of 5 or less. This is equivalent to a grammage of between approximately 100 g/m2 (20 lb/1000 ft2) and 440 g/m2 (90 lb/1000 ft2).


The edgewise compressive strength of corrugated board is one of the most important properties governing the compressive strength of corrugated containers. Research has shown that the cross directional short span compressive strengths of linerboard and medium can be used to predict the compressive strength of corrugated board and, hence, the box compressive strength. For example, summations of the compressive strengths of the components correlate very well with the combined board edgewise compressive strength.


A test specimen, 15 mm wide (0.59 in.), is held between two clamps, 0.70 mm (0.028 in.) apart. The clamps are forced towards each other until a compressive failure occurs. The maximum force causing failure is measured.


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