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TAPPI T 830 Ink rub






Ink rub test of container board and corrugated board

Scope and Summary

Ink rub testers are designed to evaluate the scuffing or rubbing resistance of an ink film or fiber surface on container board and corrugated board. A variety of tests may be made, including: dry rub; wet rub; wet bleed or transfer; wet smear; and functional rub.


TAPPI T 830 Ink rub evaluates resistance of inks to either dry or wet rubbing or scuffing. It can also be used to evaluate dry or wet surface strength of coated containerboard, unprinted container board, and other similar surfaces as well as the smearing or bleeding of inks. Some use this test to differentiate between strong and weak ink films and their adhesion to container board. This test examines rub resistance under different conditions than some other types of scuffing or rubbing tests (c.f. BS-3110) and should not be expected to produce results identical to other methods.


This method allows for a wide variety of test parameters that can be specified by the customer or determined by IPS based on experience.


Please note:

SGS-IPS cannot sell or otherwise provide standards, specifications, or test procedures to third parties.