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Aging Chambers

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Environmental and Aging Chambers

The chambers at SGS-IPS allow for environmental testing, conditioning, and aging on consumer and medical products, non-woven materials, plastics, paper, and packaging samples. We perform both real-time and accelerated aging studies that can provide vital information on product performance and stability. The unique control system maintains the environment anywhere from 20-85°C and 50-90% relative humidity with a ±0.5% consistency. We can provide specification readings from fifteen-second to ten-minute intervals.

To calculate the accelerated aging time of a product, our technical experts use a dynamic aging model based on ASTM F1980 and Arrhenius’s equation. This provides an accurate real-time equivalent for aging. We can use this model to help setup your aging study.

We are currently accepting sample submissions for the chambers. To set up your study or tour the lab, please call our customer service team at 920-749-3040. We’re here to answer any questions you have.