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Recyclability and Repulpability Testing

IPS Testing is one of only four laboratories authorized to perform the testing protocol within the Voluntary Standard for Repulping and Recycling Corrugated Fiberboard developed by the Fibre Box Association (FBA). This approval comes from the Corrugated Packaging Alliance (CPA) and allows IPS to certify new alternatives to wax coatings.

Often used in the food packaging industry, wax is a moisture barrier commonly applied to corrugated boxes to make containers stronger and aid in shipping cold foods such as meat and produce. Once boxes are treated with wax, they are not recyclable. There are also fees to dispose of them.

With the push toward more sustainable packaging for environmental and economic reasons, a recent study shows a 30 percent increase in the use of non-wax alternatives for 2010.

Recyclability beyond Food Packaging

IPS performs other recyclability standards as well, but the FBA standard is the most robust and viewed by many to be the gold standard. Due to an absence of recyclability methods for all substrates and coatings, the FBA standard is often applied outside of the corrugated and wax alternative market. This type of testing may be viewed out of scope and therefore limit the use of the CPA logo, but the data is often used as a proof point to be compliant with the Federal Trade Commission’s “Green Guides.”