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Fiber Analysis & Screening

Have you ever wondered if the recycle claim on a product is really credible? IPS Testing’s internationally known fiber expert, Walter Rantanen, has developed a test method based on fiber analysis that can provide an estimate of the minimum amount of post-consumer typical secondary fiber (recycled content) in finished products.

Using his 35+ years of experience in fiber analysis, Rantanen has developed an algorithm that takes into account the pulp furnish mix and geographic distribution of fibers to calculate an “at least” amount of recycled content. We have received many positive customer responses,r ranging from, “You could have been standing there when we added it” to “Consistently 50% of the amount claimed.” For most situations, we consider a recycled claim credible if we calculate the recycled content to be at least 50% of the claim. The determination is most effective when post-consumer fiber and/or unselected pre-consumer fiber is used in a product.

Our customers use this recycled content test method to:

  •  Evaluate changes in materials between lots or vendors
  • Develop new products
  • Substantiate market claims
  • Determine if the mixed tropical hardwoods in their product are from recycled or virgin sources


Test Methods Applicable to the Paper Industry

Name of TestDescription of Test
Fiber Analysis with species percentage and recycled content estimationProvides the percent of furnishes, identification of wood types and their percentages plus the recycled content estimation
Screening test for recycle content (Y/N)Provides an opinion on the presence of typical secondary fiber